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The Payne Family.HEIC

The Payne’s, Lynchburg VA


Willie and his family live in the Lynchburg area. Willie is a family man who has opened his home to help care for his elderly parents, brother, sister, and his nephew. The Payne family has faced many struggles in the last few years with health obstacles. The obstacles they face have required care by Willie and his sister Tracy. The air conditioning system stopped working two years ago and they have not been able to replace it due to limited finances. 


Willie is the primary homeowner and helps with the care of family members. Willie is an employee at a local business as a cook. He enjoys cooking and is known for his culinary skills. Willie has needed to take time from work due to a toe amputation from diabetes in May 2022. He is unable to work until the foot is completely healed. The healing process also includes needing to have skin grafts, which will take additional time to heal. Willie has doctor appointments 2-3 days a week, which require help from Tracy on transportation.


Mary and Willie Sr. are Willie and Tracy’s parents who also live in the home. They are both in their 80s and require medical care. Mary is currently on home dialysis daily and needs a walker to get around. She suffers from dementia and depends on Tracy for care. Willie Sr. suffers from severe glaucoma and may need surgery in the future. 


Kevin is Willie’s brother living in the home. Kevin was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in February of 2022. Kevin needed to have emergency surgery due to a bowel blockage in his colon from cancer. Kevin came home with a colostomy and has been receiving chemotherapy treatments. On August 1st, Kevin went in for another surgery to have the colostomy reversed. Kevin’s job was unable to hold his position during his cancer treatments, and he is currently not able to work. 


Tracy is Willie’s sister who lives in the home with her 8-year-old son. Tracy is the caregiver to all members of the household and homeschools her son. She is the only one in the home who can drive and take everyone to their appointments. Tracy takes care of Willie, Kevin, Mary, Willie Sr, and her 8-year-old son Adrian. She ensures they make all their appointments and are well taken care of. Tracy left her job at a medical office in October 2021 to help take care of her family. 


They are currently using window air conditioning units, but it is very hard to keep the house cool. The window units have caused an increase in their electric bills, which make it very difficult with their financial struggles. Willie tries hard to provide for his family, but the bills just keep accumulating. Willie has a good heart and enjoys helping others, it would mean the world to his family to receive a heating and air system.

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