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The Davis’s, Lynchburg VA

Josh, Kristen, and their daughter live in the Lynchburg area. They have been dealing with medical issues and financial struggles for several years. This past summer has been hard on them not having a working air condition system.

They are a wonderful godly family who are faithful, loving, and selfless. They try to push through their own struggles and never ask for a helping hand. Josh and Kristen have both been diagnosed with medical issues that cause a struggle in their day-to-day life. The daily medical issues have caused a hardship on their family. Josh has been unable to work due to his severe epilepsy, which he recently had a device implanted to help with severe episodes. Josh’s epilepsy is caused by a lesion he has on his brain. He has become dependent on the small amount of disability he receives due to not being able to work every day. He struggles daily with his medical issues but tries to find the best of the situation.

Kristen suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes her severe painful attacks. These attacks come on without warning and cause pain. Kristen works and receives a small income, but the medical expenses far exceed the income they bring home. Even with their struggles they try to help others when needed, and never ask for help themselves. They have a daughter at home who attends middle school, and they try their best to meet her every need. Their daughter has also recently injured her foot causing additional medical bills. They are waiting to see if she may need surgery on that injury.

They have been hit hard this year with medical bills, and have gone without air conditioning all summer, which has caused stress on Kristen’s health issues. They currently do not have heating and air due to the high cost to replace a broken heating and air system. They have paid high cost over the years to keep it going, but the unit is no longer repairable. Josh and Kristen have been getting by using fans and window air conditioning units, which has also been stressful on their electric bill. 

The Davis Family would love to have a new heating and air system to help offset the daily struggles on their health issues. A new system would bring them comfort and help their financial burdens. 

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